Volume 10, Issue 42 August 22, 2015  

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19-23 ILYA Championships A, E, C, MC, Melges 17 - Geneva 




5-6   USODA Midwest Championships, Minnetonka, MN

9-13 E Nationals - Little Egg Harbor, NJ

11-13 I-20 Nationals, Fond du Lac

12-13 Maxinkuckee C/MC

19-20 Fenton Fall C

19-20 C Blue Chip - Okauchee

24-27 50th E Blue Chip - Pewaukee

26-27 Nan Norris Beulah C Challenge

26-27 Lotawana C Fall



3-4 Polar Bear C/MC - Davenport, IA

10-11 C Worlds - Delavan 


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Picture Perfect Day
We should always be as proud as last night when David Perrigo of UBS magnificently honored our Legends and Heroes. With most thoughtful vignettes of each individual's contributions to the sport and the ILYA, David's love for these icons shown brilliantly. We are blessed, indeed, to be surrounded by such quality individuals. UBS shown brightly last night as they set the tone for sponsors for our fortunate organization. 
The view from inside - 700+ on the site and no one felt crowded. Imagine what the future holds for this facility named after our true legend, Buddy Melges.
On to the sailing:
Near perfection as all fleets hit the water. New race winners were awarded the day's trophies at the evening extravaganza.
Melges 17s

The 17s have graced us with evening sailing. Thanks to Liz Bernstein for the photo. RJ Porter took the two first races but congrats to new race winner Alec Bischoff and Gavin Burkhart. 
Thanks to Larry Kmiecik for the MC photos
Race 1 winner

Sorry no pic of Kevin Neal, race two winner, truly one of our favorite sailors of all times. --- Please send photos of the winners for the next edition of Scowlines. 
C fleet
Brian Heimsch and Dave Vollmer - winners today!

LaBelle's Dave Harris takes the second C race 
E scows
I 9 Peter Strothman
Chad Hillyer from Tom's River took the second race. Nice to have our New Jersey folks here. We miss you, Russ Lucas.
A fleet
There's only one show in town - M21. It's the Pat Hughes boat with Chris Jewett at the helm. It is a mix of Minnetonka and Geneva - a Melges, a strong dose of Porters and the Jewett brothers.
Thanks to Kloe Kiekhafer and Sue Weston, along with our perennial top notch photographer Larry Kmiecik

Today's schedule
10:00 the morning fleets go out early. Cs and Es.
Afternoon races to follow - As (will not start before 1:45) and MCs 
7:00 Dinner is sold out but the ambiance is imcomparable. 
Housekeeping details
Please plan to visit us today. Shuttle parking has been working well. Come to view the event from the upper deck or from a spectator boat. The restaurant and bar are open to everyone. Chef Justin Scholer has a fantastic lobster roll, truffle fries, great salads and other goodies. Service is fast due to his exceptional organization and planning. Give it a try. 
One of our sponsors, Lincoln Motor Company, is providing rides today. PLEASE support them by taking a 7 minute ride - ($25 gift card issued). It is because of fine folks like these, the ILYA has parties and lunches at this savings to US! 

Day's observations:
  • SO MANY women on the MC race course.
  • Number of new regatta attendees. They are great at home and they came to give this one a try
  • Relative speed getting boats launched and returned home to the parking lot
  • Youth who are now in adult fleets and continue to thank the RC for its service
  • The top of our X fleet in boats everywhere. These kids simply love to sail
  • Old friends hugging as they renew friendships on this grand lake
  • Magnificent table decorations by Kristen Freytag grace this new facility. That alone is worth the trip down here. And wait until tonight - join the girls in making the arrangements tonight - 1:00 in the "shed" - which is nice - behind the building, near the Cantina
  • Lines of folks supported Craig Parkers and the Carstens men at the Cantina. Thank you
  • The smiles on club manager Mike Moore and chef Justin Scholer's faces. These men have hit a homerun.
  • Volunteers from Geneva -- who knew one club could have this many members, let alone volunteers. They have been magnificent.
  • The spaciousness of this facility. Whatever you need, there is space to accomplish it. Thank you Mike Keefe for the vision and T Freytag for enabling it to happen. 
  • The trio of Jim Smith, David Sitter and Sue Weston at the ready for any task. It is quite a swan song

Favorites of the day - photos by Conner Galvin, flagship driver whose real skill may be photography


  Nothing more fitting than this. --- Through all the work, commotion - here we are!

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