LaBelle Tune-Up Regatta 2009


This yearıs LaBelle Tune up carried on the tradition of top level competitive sailing for Cıs and Xıs early in the season.   With 30 boats from 9 lakes including 4 from over 300 miles away both the sailing and parties were a great success.

Saturdayıs weather was wind 22 to 30 with gusts to 35.   The wind direction also created significant waves and the race committee gave the word to start the Saturday party right after lunch.

Sundayıs weather forecast was for winds 7-12 which resulted in conditions ranging from 2 on the low side to near everything on.   In addition to the intensity changes, each puff seemed to create shifts as large as 60 degrees.    After several postponements, some in sequence, a 3+ race was started at 10:45.   To the race committeeıs credit, no marks were moved during the race, but that did not mean it wasnıt shifty.  On the first downwind two C boats 100 yards apart where both sheeted in but on opposite tacks.  In the C fleet there was a different leader at each of the upwind marks.   There were significant ribbons of air throughout the course and those boats that positioned themselves well were able to advance significantly.  At the first upwind Lou Morgan and Dave Harris showed their LaBelle knowledge and rounded first.  As the wind died on the second leg, boats that worked themselves well right at the top of the course caught a ribbon of air and Trevor Stack of LaBelle moved to the head of the fleet.   With streaky wind on the next leg Beulahıs Joe Skotarzak took the lead and he and Brian Brickler caught a downwind puff that separated them from the rest of fleet becalmed at the top of the course.  With Skotarzak in the lead through the first two thirds of the final leg, Brickler went left and caught a shift that moved him across the finish in first creating yet another lead change and an exciting finish.

The X fleet was close for the first 2 upwinds but Natalie Kay in E-3 separated herself from the fleet mid race and extended her lead to 30 boats for a convincing finish.   Racing for the rest of the fleet was very close for the next 5 positions with all finishing within less than a minute of each other.   Eddie Cox from White Bear and Addy Ferguson and Anders Eckholm from Minnetonka made the most of their road trips with 2nd, 4th and 5th place finishes respectively.



1.  B-18  Brian Brickler

2.  B-217 Joe Skotarzak

3.  00-7  Kurt Mihelich

4.  00-23 Trevor Stack

5.  00-9  Jim Ruppenthal/Roger Plate

6.  E-55  Scott Tarmann

7.  E-2   Matthew Zea

8.  CL-15 Mark Misch

9.  00-824 Lou Morgan/David Harris

10. E-16  Dave Smith

11. 00-99 Dave Keck

12. E-111 Matt Prange



1.  E-3   Natalie Kay

2.  W-66  Eddie Cox

3.  E-007 Jake Parworth

4.  M-67  Addy Ferguson

5.  M-99  Anders Eckholm

6.  00-5  Parker Trepton

7.  A-42  Madalyn Crowley

8.  E-2   Jacob Zea

9.  W-7   Willie Crary

10. E-17  Bridget Murphy

11. N-54  Kelly Monahan

12. E-15  Willie Napgezek

13. 00-14 Joey Harvat

14. 00-26 David Wean

15. I-90  Charlie Morris

16. 00-21 Nicholas Jerred

17. E-82  Dan Groskopf

18. 00-12 Annie Johnson