You may have occasion to use the ILYA Scow Slants or the ILYA Web Site to advertise a boat or related equipment. Evidently some scam artists have found the ILYA Web site and its classified ad page. One of our current advertisers told me he was contacted twice recently with the scam. I heard a similar story from other ILYA members recently as well.

The scam works something like this (with many variations): The interested person (scammer) supposedly has a client, a friend, or business acquaintance who owes him money. That money (more than you are asking for the boat) is sent to you in the form of a cashier's check (WHICH IS FAKE!). When you receive the cashier's check, you are supposed to deposit it and send a personal check for the overage amount to the scammer.

Here's how you get taken: The bank has no idea that the cashier's check is fake, so they accept it, and you send a good check to the scammer. After several days, the bank finds out that the cashier's check was fake, and you are responsible for it. By then you are out your good check, and possibly the boat, if the scammer even bothered to come get it.

You have probably read about this type of scam in your local newspaper. I know it has been written about in the Janesville (Wis.) Gazette a couple of times now.

Precautions: Don't accept or deposit any checks without having the bank first verify its authenticity. Tell others about this scam, especially if they may have items advertised somewhere.