In addition to its ILYA sanctioned status, the MC is also a National Class boat.  Its appeal is as a racing scow that can be sailed single-handed by an average-to-large person in all wind conditions, yet it has room for additional crew for the smaller skipper in a heavier wind or for just taking friends for a ride. With its cat rig (main sail only) and large rudder, it is easy to sail and very maneuverable.

MC Scow Association

ILYA Class MC Scow Fleet Committee Bylaws

Trophies and Winner History

Fleet Representative
Mark Tesar
705 North Shore Drive
Clear Lake, IA 50428


Length 16'
Beam 5' 8"
Hull Fiberglass
Hull Wgt 420 lbs.
Crew 1+

Sail Area

Main 135 sq.ft.
Spar Aluminum

Hardy Will Lake Beulah Trophy

2017 ILYA Championships - MC Fleet - Lake Geneva Yacht Club

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