This highly maneuverable cat-rigged (main sail only) scow has been the most popular of all the scows over the years because of its versatility. as an exciting tactical racer for 2-3 people, it has plenty of sophisticated gear and enjoys dozens of very competitive racing fleets around the country with many regattas held throughout the season. Yet, it is easily skippered by one and is roomy enough to take a few non-sailor friends out on the lake for a fun afternoon of daysailing.
National C Scow Sailing Association 

Trophies and Winner History

Fleet Representative

J.P. Porter
N9520 Horseshoe Lane
Mukwonago, WI 53149

ILYA Class C Scow Fleet Committee Bylaws


Length 20 feet
Beam 7 feet
Hull Fiberglass
Hull Wgt 650 lbs.
Crew 2+

Sail Area

Main 216 sq.ft.
Spar Aluminum

Warren Carpenter-Freytag Trophy

That was then... 

This is now. 
2017 ILYA Championshsips - C Fleet - Lake Geneva Yacht Club

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