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Most recent issue: Spring/Summer 2017

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Scow Slants, the official newsletter of the Association, is published once a year in the Spring. The issues carry association and class news, regatta notices and reports, classified advertising, junior sailing information, race management information, and articles pertinent to the scow sailing members and member clubs of the ILYA.

Scow Slants articles of general interest will be posted on this or other web pages from time to time as the publication is being edited. In some cases articles of lasting interest will be archived here.

Scow Slants is delivered via email to active members annually. A membership application is available from the ILYA Office or from this web site.

To submit articles or letters to the editor or to advertise, contact Dave Berg at the ILYA Office.


  • Spring Issue: Deadline March 10 (approx.). Issue covers Winter Inland reports, spring regatta information, rule changes, and other information.

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