ILYA Publications

Rule Book (2016): Contains up-to-date Association Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and Scantling Rules for Classes C, and X. Available in paper or pdf file on CD. (Does not include The Racing Rules of Sailing.)

The Racing Rules of Sailing: The International Sailing Federation racing rules for 20013-2016 as published and modified by US SAILING.

ILYA Scow Slants: The official newsletter of the ILYA, published twice annually--Spring and Fall/Winter. Available to all members of the Association.

ILYA Scowlines: An electronic (email) newsletter of the ILYA, published monthly or weekly or even more often in season--sent to all members of the Association with email addresses on file.

pdfILYA Regatta Manual: A resource for hosting ILYA Sanctioned Regattas.

Association Annual Report: A yearly summary of the Association's activities.

 "Changes to the Racing Rules of Sailing" - Presentation by John Strassman at the Fall/Winter Inland 2016