ILYA Board of Directors Nomination Process

(from ILYA By-Law 10.14)

The Nominating Committee-Shall consist of the current Commodore and Vice Commodore and the previous three (3) available Past Commodores of the Association with the most immediate Past Commodore as Chairperson.  The Committee shall carry out the duties assigned to it as contained herein.

A.  Shall prepare annually a slate of four (4) nominees to fill each of the four (4) expiring elective directorships.

B.  Shall nominate one (1) candidate for each of the four (4) expiring elective directorships in the following manner:

1.     The name and address and email address of the Nominating Committee Chairperson shall be published each year. Any member club may submit a written nomination to the Nominating Committee at any time. Such written nomination shall remain on file for review and consideration by the Nominating Committee for a period of at least three years.

2.     The Nominating Committee shall then select its slate of candidates and shall report its slate to the Member Clubs no later than thirty days before a scheduled Annual Meeting/Election.

3.     Additional nominations may be made by any member Club by filing written nominations with the Secretary no later than five  days before a scheduled Annual Meeting/Election.

4.     Such written nominations shall be in such forms as to evidence the fact that a member in good standing was nominated by a Member Club in good standing, and that the member so nominated accepts same and agrees to stand for election.

5.     All nominations shall close five days before a scheduled Annual Meeting/Election  and there may be no nominations from the floor.