The Clear Lake Yacht Club, Clear Lake, IA, hosted the 2005 NoTears West Optimist Regatta at the State Beach location.  The weather definitely defined the day, starting with ≥weather clouds≤ circling the lake early in the morning, clearing for a beautiful day, and filling back in to close out the regatta.

Two races were held, with winds starting at 6 MPH and ending around 15 MPH.  Race Officer Craig Caslavka made sure the kids had good race courses and true sailing encouraged for the 18 + boats registered.  Like the big racing scows, the Optiπs had some swamped boats, lost rudders and lots of fun.

Nancy Lundeen, chairman of the regatta, was pleased with the Clear Lake Yacht Clubπs instructors, helping the young sailors and yet letting them handle their dilemmaπs with the upsets and boat problems and having a positive First Regatta experience.  Kristen Ebeling, Program Director of the Sailing school said she enjoyed seeing her instructors and sailing school students reacting together, learning but still giggling and having a great time.

During lunch, young sailors played Frisbee and football, a great day for everyone.  T-shirts will be a wonderful reminder of the day.

The day ended with Trophy presentation.  Results:

Jr. Fleet

1)  Courtney and Cody Anderson   CLYC

2)  Beckett and Deckard Finley       CLYC

3)  Jacob Wessels     CLYC

Sr. Fleet

1)   Drake Lundeen   CLYC

2)  Anne Tesar   CLYC

3)  Grace Moore   CLYC